Home Groups

  • Tuesday Home Group 

    Led by Rick Carr

    This group meets at Mike and Marina Stafford's House. 13121 Hawks Bay Road, Donnelly.  For directions contact Rick at 283-5759.

  • Wednesday Home Group 

    Led by Ron Zarbnisky

    This group meets at Gene and Cec Tyler's house. 

    For directions contact the Tyler's at 325-4275. 

  • Friday Home Group 

    Led by Bud Hamil

    This group meets at Bud and Lynn Hamil's house. 

    For directions contact the Hamil's at 325-8074.


    Led by Pastor Shaun Thomas

    This group meets at Shaun and Traci Thomas' house. 

    For directions contact Shaun at 315-5666 or Traci at 315-5665