Clenodium norms and culture

Our Environment

Clenodium creates a safe, secure and nurtured environment for all children. The positive interaction and rapport with teachers encourage children to show their talents. Our extensive 4500sqft area makes space as a blessing for Clenodium , and not a constraint.

Our partially zone wise air conditioned premises keeps the environment very receptive.

Mentor Child Ratio

Mentor student ratio of 1:8, with dedicated auxilio in each classroom.

Empowered Curriculum

Curriculum is totally crafted on child pedagogy and powered by My Pedia by Pearson to give all the children an exorbitant exposure to various facets of knowledge and skills. Integration of modern teaching methodology adds up to the fervor of our exclusive curriculum.

Experiential Learning

We ensure to provide effective learning by amalgamating curriculum with outdoor trips, story narration through our exclusive flashcards, smart boards to cater to all the styles of learning.

Trained staff

We have a management of strong academic background and Mentors, Facilitators and Auxilio for effective learning and coordination. Our staff will go an extra mile ahead to make every child’s journey towards excellence more easy.

Curriculum implementation

We execute our curriculum through extensive use of teaching aids, puppets, story telling, rhymes and story flashcards, Montessori equipment, smart boards, flannel boards, audio visual aids.


Clenodium believes that every child is a gem and all are unique and precious like any gem. Assessments on a continuous basis and on an informal note, help them become more polished and shine brighter. We maintain daily records of all child’s activities and report to parents for better transparency and communication.

Food and Health

Clenodium is powered by Monkeybox to provide healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks options to children.

The food served are nuts free, no MSG, additives and colours. Food options are very affordable with a wide range of bi-weekly menu.

Physical activities

Clenodium stresses on physical activities being an integral part of our system. Our exquisite outdoor and indoor play zones help children to come out with their potential, inspiring them to learn through fun.

Team Clenodium

The management of Clenodium focuses on strong system and processes, making us more approachable towards parents. We provide a healthy working culture to all are team workers and creates a beautiful learning and working environment.

Access to live camera to parents for selected areas of the school and day care.

Extra activities

We provide a plethora of activities in the evening hours for age groups of 3-16years. It includes Taekwondo, Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Organic farming, Calligraphy, handwriting classes, and much more…. It creates more and more children to be a part of our dynamic system.

Education support for grades 5-10

Clenodium provides expert coaching by very experienced teachers who are in the field of education for a minimum of 6 years and above. Teachers who have the experience in top ICSE and CBSE schools will extend their guidance in subject wise classes upto grade 10( ICSE and CBSE)