Senior KG- ADAMENTUM (Age group: 4.8 to 5.8 years)

Our ADAMENTUM segment mentors address to five dimension of readiness:

  • 1. Physical wellbeing and motor development
  • 2. Language development
  • 3. Social and emotional development
  • 4. Approaches to learning
  • 5. Knowledge acquisition

The teaching strategy used in implementing the curriculum are the arranged interactions of people and materials planned and used by mentors. Mentors focus on reasoning, number sense, orientation in time and space, scientific reasoning, and the physical world of music and visual arts.

ADAMENTUM Daily Schedule

  • 1. Attendance
  • 2. Communication module
  • 3. Story telling
  • 4. Concept – English/ Math/ EVS/ 2nd LAN (Hindi or Kannada)
  • 5. Informative and conceptual corner
  • 6. Playzone
  • 7. Story time/ Puppet show/ Mont lab.
  • 8. Timings: 9:00am- 12:30pm.

After completion of ADAMENTUM, our children are fully equipped to confidently take up any stream of education (CISCE, CBSE, IB, IG or STATE)